Diseño de Producto

Ilustración publicitaría para Creanavarra.

Cliente: Creanavarra Centro Superior de Diseño
Agencia: Cronoboreal Estudio Creativo

Construct 2 Theme

Custom event sheet editor color scheme for Construct 2.

  2. Extract zip file.
  3. Copy the XML file to "themes" folder in your Construct 2 installation folder.
  4. From Construt 2, go to: File → Preferences → Colors. In "Choose theme", change current theme to "aritz". Accept  changes.
  5. Restart Construct 2.

Fraggle Rock


3d Character created for "Daddy I'm a Zombie" animated feature film. The character includes: modeling + morph targets, textures and rigging.

Client: Dibulitoon Studio
Design: Patxi Peláez